On October 6, 2020, Facebook disabled the Join the Lawsuit against Gov. JB Pritzker group. a group with more than 62,000 Illinois residents. It gave no explanation for disabling the group. We believe the group was disabled to hamper our effort to sue Illinois Gov. Pritzer.

In June, our attorney filed a 90-page lawsuit against Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker and Chicago Mayor Lightfoot. We are still litigating this lawsuit in Cook County Chancery court. We need to be able to add additional plaintiffs to our lawsuit and communicate with people throughout the state of Illinois about what is happening with our lawsuit and other lawsuits against Gov. Pritzker’s unconstitutional overreach of power against Illinois residents and businesses due to the COVID-19 restrictions. We believe the restrictions violate equal protection and unconstitutional and we are continuing to fight.

Our tax-deductible foundation, Remember America Action has been raising money for the lawsuit. If we are able to secure a courtroom victory, Illinois businesses and residents will be able to file a claim for actual damages and attorney’s fees.