Sign the Recall AND Remove Gov. Pritzker for Unconstitutional Abuses of Power

We, the People of Illinois and citizens of the United States of America, do hereby call for the legal recall and removal of Gov. J.B. Pritzker from his office as Governor of Illinois due to his arbitrary, capricious, and unconstitutional abuses of power. In March 2020, Governor Pritzker ordered the shutdown of the State of Illinois, forcing residents to stay at home, forced "nonessential businesses" to close, and prevented people from getting critical medical tests and operations to save lives. Gov. Pritzker violated Illinois statute when he extended his emergency powers beyond the initial 30 days and now he has continued his unconstitutional abuse of power for more than 7 months. His acts are illegal.

Gov. Pritzker has violated the constitutional rights of every citizen and every business owner. He has wrongfully designated some businesses as "essential" and others as "nonessential" and discriminated against the nonessential business in violation of equal protection. He has destroyed businesses across Illinois and forced people to lose their jobs. This is inexcusable and monstrous.

We, the People of Illinois, demand that Gov. Pritzker be RECALLED and REMOVED from his elected position as Governor of Illinois immediately. Please sign and share this NEW stronger recall and remove Gov. Pritzker petition now. We need to unite and mobile this signature effort before Gov. Pritzker destroys Illinois and bankrupts every business and resident of Illinois.

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